6/12/2024 NOTICE: The download is temporarily down while I work on bug fixes. Do not reupload previous versions of the game in the meantime.
Contact: [email protected]
Only contact me for questions/concerns/business inquiries. I am not distributing the download via email. Please wait for the final version to be uploaded.

A game developed for a collaboration project between 丸得基地 & ネムリタの国, translated by Mikhail. Collaboration detail page here (Japanese only).


Walkthrough is provided as a text file within the game download.
If you're having trouble getting the game to run, download the RTP and/or change the system locale to Japanese in order to play. If problems persist, please contact me via email or DM.


+ Blood / Gore
+ Vehicular Accidents
+ Bright colors (no flashing)
+ Mentions of incest
+ Mentions of rape
+ Other sensitive depictions


Tsutsuji and Sumire meet at an unpopular subway station. For some reason, the train never seems to stop. Together, they search for clues to escape.


GENRE: Adventure
PLAYTIME: Around 1 hour
ENDINGS: 2 total
SYSTEM: Windows 10


Tsutsuji, Kikyo & Sumire


1. Each developer will come up with elements and designs for characters, both modern and fantasy versions.
2. Both developers exchange to get one modern character and one fantasy character
3. Both developers are required to create a short "bromance" game
4. All game assets must be drawn by oneself
5. The setting must be the subway
6. The game must be 30min ~ 1hr in length with a maximum of 5 maps
7. Aim to have the game finished by New Years
Character relationships, settings, personalities, themes and stories can be changed to fit the game.🍰 Character Usage Rules 🍰
Must appear in-game: Tsutsuji & Sumire
Doesn't have to appear in-game: Hinageshi & Kikyo

Other Collab Game: ghost six

* GHOST SIX is currently untranslated.


Thank you for your interest in my translation of Grave of Träumerei! I've been working on translations for a long time but I've never had the pleasure of working on a game. Unfortunately, I'm unable to translate GHOST SIX at this time. Thank you once again to my lovely proofreaders who helped me out! Please contact me if you need any help troubleshooting or if you find bugs, translation errors, spelling errors, etc. Refrain from contacting the developers regarding the English version of the game.
★ Email: [email protected]


11/11/2022 ― English ver.1.0 release
11/12/2022 ― Various bug fixes
11/13/2022 ― Mistakenly untranslated dialogue and images are now translated (character names & scrolling ads) + various bug fixes
1/7/2023 ― Various bug fixes + text adjustments
1/9/2023 ― Fixed bug where post-ending title screen showed up in Japanese, credit screen font changes, text adjustments + various bug fixes


- Menu background image fails to change as the story progresses (reason known, fix eventually)